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Our experts share their experiences in technology, analytics, and business intelligence. This blog is a collection of thoughts on data-related topics including data mining, big data, data visualization, and more. 

4 min read

Git version control in RStudio: Our top tips to help you get up and running

It has never been more intuitive to implement Git for version control in R Studio, thanks to the integrated graphic user interface for Git, allowing you to use simple commands to execute key operations. In this post we’ll look at how you can get up...

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1 min read

How to identify which packages (and which functions) are actually being used by an R file

When inheriting someone else’s R code, I always like to check which packages and functions it uses. Not just those it loads with library function...

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5 min read

Open All Hours?

What works for the Arkwrights – in terms of opening hours rather than double entendres and carnivorous cash registers – simply can’t be replicated by...

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