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Our experts share their experiences in technology, analytics, and business intelligence. This blog is a collection of thoughts on data-related topics including data mining, big data, data visualization, and more. 

technical tips

5 min read

Connecting Posit Workbench (RStudio) to GitHub with HTTPS

If you're an RStudio user using Posit Workbench and want to use GitHub for source control (you should), this is the guide for you. There are two ways...

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2 min read

Analytical decision-making models can fail…so what can your organisation do about it?

Managers rely on analytical models to inform difficult decisions: where to build that next hospital; how to allocate resources during the next...

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5 min read

Reducing risk in procurement bid scoring: Generate bespoke scores for your grade or rating lists

For nearly all procurement professionals, it's tough to produce bespoke tender evaluation systems again and again. After painstaking work defining...

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4 min read

Git version control in RStudio: Our top tips to help you get up and running

It has never been more intuitive to implement Git for version control in R Studio, thanks to the integrated graphic user interface for Git, allowing...

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1 min read

How to identify which packages (and which functions) are actually being used by an R file

When inheriting someone else’s R code, I always like to check which packages and functions it uses. Not just those it loads with library function...

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